Bella has dysplasia in both elbows and has developed arthritis. In Nov. 2006, she nearly ruptured her cruciate ligament while playing. we rehabilitated the injury using walking, swimming and tracking. She reached a plateau where progress semmed to stop by Spring of 2007. In late July 2007, I was introduced to System Saver. Within 30 days, we began to see improvement. System Saver seems to have given my dog the extra boost needed to return to an active life. Her movement improved, as did her spirits. She was much more willing to get up and down and did so more easily. She began to go on longer walks and be more active throughtout the day in general.

While I had hoped Bella would regain better movement and continue to heal the cruciate ligament injury, I was pleasantly surprised at the dramatic increase in her energy level. She has a spring in her step and an extra sparkle in her eye!

~ Kimberly Elliott