Bob is one of the strongest and most determined horses alive! He’s always happy to see me, knowing that he will get to come out of his stall to graze or be lead around. Up until his being retired a little under a year ago he was always happy to come out for a ride and would pull on his hackamore hoping I would just let him run. What I didn’t mention is that Bob is 35 years old and completely blind. He also has Cushing’s disease. Bob was put casino online on System Saver when he was about 32 for a cough that he had developed. The cough was quickly resolved, but System Saver also had some other amazing results. Bob began to put on some of the weight that he had lost from his age, while rapidly regaining some of the energy that he had lost. Time and time again we would see that if he ran out of the System Saver he would start to look older and weaker, and his overall well-being was just different. But once he got back on it he would gain some weight and he would pick right back up again, and while he was retired mainly because of his age I swear that System Saver is what has kept him alive for all this time. Bob has always had the heart of a young horse and thanks to System Saver he now has a body that can keep up.

~ Rebeca