Duke is a 23-year-old black quarter horse who was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma around 10 years ago. We had just gotten our own place to be together and he had been separated from a horse he loved. Duke’s disease came back after surgery, and his oncologist recommended System Saver. Duke has been immune-compromised, running high sugars with low white counts, ever since the onset of his illness. He’s been on System Saver for 3 years and just got his best lab results ever! (His lady friend has also come back into his life, Dancer, a paint TWH.)

System Saver has also helped Duke with soreness after trimming. We just used it prior to trimming and had no ouchiness the next day. Duke is moving around the pasture so much better and has even taken up some of his old games—horsey hide and seek, and spot the tail coming out of the oak tree.

He has his on and off days. Who doesn’t at our age? But he is a wise old soul that still teaches me something new every day. (If he is under the shed, it is going to rain in 10-15 minutes.) System Saver has been a Duke saver for us!

Incidentally, I have a dog with skin allergies and I have a meuralgia from sitting long shifts. We use the equine, canine and human SS on our farm and it keeps us all going!

~ Barbara