Last December I lost my beautiful Golden Retriever, Sophie. She had been taking System Saver and then there was the remainder of the bottle, just sitting on the shelf. So, I started giving it to Gibson and the improvement was obvious in just over a week.

Gibson is a very athletic dog, his energy always powerful and explosive. It seemed very fitting that his intelligence and attitude would bode him well, and as an obedience competitor, his performance was a pleasure to watch. Gibson has always been very healthy and, with a very large yard, he maintains wonderful body tone. Now, at nine years of age, he is as energetic as ever, however occasionally he develops soreness and sometimes lameness from his athletic shenanigans.

Two years ago, Gibson was diagnosed with uveitis, an eye disease that resulted in surgery and the removal of his left eye. I elected to have an implant and his photo is proof of its success. After a while, cholesterol slightly changed the eye color and it betrays his well kept secret. Other than that, he is perfect and has compensated so well that nothing deters his vision or depth perception…or his energetic activities. It was a rough go for a while and I felt so helpless during the first part of his recovery. He was so trusting that I would nurture him.

Running was forbidden for several weeks so his energy kept building along with his recovery. The day he was released from restrictions he exploded in celebration. Running the yard, and sometimes making little divots in the ground, were enough to produce a sore leg or sensitivity. This usually showed up on waking from a nap or his first movement in the morning. After a few steps he was his usual fit self. I figured it was the downside of the aging process and, of course, his hard running and sudden stops contributing to the problem.

Now, upon waking he rises easily and in one fluid motion, not slowly as before when he would let his aches subside. Gibson is a great stretcher and I taught him early on to flex his muscles, to the point that he makes them quiver. He is very proud of his muscles and readily lies on the floor with his hind legs extended and looks over his shoulder for my massage services. The addition of System Saver to his daily regimes has, I believe, truly improved his quality of well being. We are truly blessed.

~ Joyce