Horse with bone spur

A few years ago, my horse was diagnosed with a bone spur on the radial carpal bone of his right knee with involvement to the radial carpal ligament. He had pain on flexion. I started System Saver at the recommendation of a friend and found improvement. I hoped he’d return to be serviceably sound. After 8 months of rest, much to my delight, he made a complete recover. He returned to his pre-injury condition and won Long Island’s Asult Equitation Classic at Old Field.

A secondary casino fr benefit that I wasn’t expecting was that my horse’s skin allergies also greatly improved. He no longer needs allergy injections, and for the first time has a full mane and tail the whole summer. I’ve had such positive results from System Saver for my horse that I am taking it now, and I’ll bet you know the results. Thank you System Saver

~ Carol P.