Jake, Tupal, and Sammi

Australian Shepherd with thyroid and septic conditions


Jake, 12 years old, is a former grow-op dog who was beaten about his back and tail bone. He was septic and was also in need of Thyroid medication. His immune system was also challenged. When we discovered System Saver a few years ago, we thought this would be a product that would help him with all that his body was going through.

What a difference!

German Shepherd/Huskie mix with arthritis


Tupal, a German Shepherd/Husky mix, is approximately 12 years old. She was rescued after being chained for three years in the mountains of Creston, British Columbia. She and 56 other dogs were exposed to all the elements of heat and cold, snow and rain for year after year, so you can only imagine how this took a toll on her body.

She has been on System Saver for two years now for severe arthritis in the spine and she has improved in mobility and comfort.

Both Tupal and Jake are doing well now. They’ve gone from abused, neglected dogs to loving, healthier companions.

Collie/Lab cross with persistent cough, and aches and pains


Sammi, a 16-year-old Collie/Lab cross, came into our home seven months ago through rescue. She came with a persistent cough, sore ears, lots of aches and pains, and a pretty bad smell. She started taking System Saver shortly after arriving here. Over time, we have watched her get stronger and healthier. She now greets each and every day like a puppy. She loves running out into the yard, side-by-side with the younger dogs, a big smile on her face and a tail that won’t stop wagging. Seeing her healthy and happy at age 16 is a blessing!

Thank you System Saver for helping us to help those we love.

~ Gail Moerkerken