Vizslas with a neuro-musculature and CCL/arthritis issues

KABOOM 3-year-old Vizsla with a neuro-musculature issue, TEGA 7-year-old Vizsla with CCL/arthritis issues

Original condition:

Canine: one is a 3-year-old Vizsla (Kaboom!) who as a “weird” neuro-musculature issue and a “horn” on a lumbar vertebra process that is rubbing against the next lumbar process. The SS is a support decision by me. His 7-year-old mother (Tega) who had some CCL/Arthritis issues and in Feb had a Dorsal Hemilectomy. So for her two conditions, it is support and support.

Human: A 65-year-old who is just making sure that she does not hurt.


Kaboom- never been off it, so no idea how much of a change it makes

Tega - can only relate results of taking her of it and GLC (http://www.glcdirect.com/glc1000/index.php) for breeding, whelping and feeding (five months total) in 2008. Tega had been on System Saver and GLC for over a year when we made the decision to breed her for the third and last time. After the pups were weaned, I put her back on the two supplements. Within 4 days she was amazingly happier, more comfortable, etc. We did not have to take her of either for the surgery. She healed well, and she will stay on the SS to reduce/slow down the progression of degenerative issues.

No unexpected results-but a fun story from a friend I got started on System Saver. I gave her a partial jar, and she read the dosage, and gave herself the horse dosage. When she commented about trying to mix it with the yogurt, I asked her about the dosage. Needless to say she is much happier with the 1/4 t dosage. She has had amazing results. As an asthmatic she is taking herself off of many of the Rx with her doctor’s blessing.

(I buy the horse version. At our house, both dogs and humans take it.)

I heard about it from Suzanne Clothier.

~ Rhoda Ezell