Manfred’s Good-Advice…

In July 2006, after I busted my Achilles tendon, X-rays revealed that I had arthritis in my left hip, and that eventually I would need a hip replacement. I have had pains for years when walking and could not sleep on my left side any more.

I had given System Saver then already for a few years to my 12 year old German Shepherd Channing. It had made a difference in Channing’s movements. So I started taking it myself and the pain situation improved over time. Today, almost 6 years later, at age 78, my hip is pretty much pain free; I walk without pain and I can sleep on my left side. When I exert myself or the weather changes I might get a little pain, but who at my age does not.

My wife, age 76, has had arthritis in her fingers for a few years. She loves to knit baby sweaters, gives some to friend and sells many of them and donates the proceeds to her church and the local hospital. She never sold any for profit. She often complained about the pain. In the winter season she would soak her hands in warm oatmeal, and it gave her temporary relief. I bought her a copper bracelet, and it did not help. The Orthopedist said surgery would lessen the pain, but would also end her knitting career, because it would limit the movement of her fingers. Finally, a few months ago she gave in and I got her System Saver capsules. She keeps taking them, keeps knitting those lovely baby sweaters and has not complained about the pain anymore.

My Shepherd Channing lived to 14 1/2, pretty good for a German Shepherd. I still have Scarlett, she is also a German Shepherd and almost 13. She started limping about a month ago. She is on 3/8 tsp of the System saver powder and she runs normal again. Yes, at 13 she still loves to run and chase my two cats all over the house.

My son-in-law is an avid golfer. He has had pains in his knee and hip for years. He tried the copper bracelets and magnets. It took me a few years to convince him to take System Saver. When I ask him if it helps, he answers “I wouldn’t keep buying it if it wouldn’t.”

Well, my wife of almost 55 years never gave me much credit either for getting her the System Saver. But knowing that she hurts much less makes me grateful. And I like to look at the pictures the moms send her of the babies wearing her sweaters.

Thank you, System Saver!