My horse developed an unexplained weight loss and dull coat. I’d gradually increased his grain and hay to 2x his normal amount. And I was adding oil to maintain his weight. After 6 months of progressive weight loss, despite the increase in food and fat supplement, afer 1 week on System Saver, hay rations were back to normal. And in 2 weeks, he’d reached a good weight, his coat was shiny, and he was back to his normal rations of food. And he no longer needs the joint supplement he’d been on for years. I also used System Saver for a very sick pony with a very high fever - no dx. She began to improve in 6 hours.

Suzanne Clothier recommended it to me, and now I recommend it to other dog and horse owners all the time – especially for unexplained or unresponsive issues.

~ Janet Beardsley