My 6-year-old female corgi-chihuahua mix, Qaisuke, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and resulting osteoarthritis in both her hips 3 years ago around the time I rescued her. (I also believe that she has some damage to her elbows as evidenced by the rare front limp and word of an animal communicator.) It is a “mild case,” the vet said on a scale of 1 to 10, it would be about a 2 in extremity. Her X-rays also showed a BB embedded in her right thigh muscle. This dog came to me a physical wreck (smelly, dirty, yellowed teeth, raw spay incision), and a broken spirit, having been shot up with many vaccines at once and spayed just a few days before I drove out to Oklahoma to pick her up. She’d been found as a stray there, with one of three of her puppies in tow (the others had died), by the person who turned her into Rescue.

I cleaned up Qaisuke, gave her a soft bed, a safe crate and home, warmth, cuddles, love, exercise, adventure, socialization, structure, training, discipline, fresh air, a fenced yard and dog door, and the best raw meats, raw bones, and supplements. Soon her breath was sweet as a baby’s, her teeth were pearly white, her spay incision had healed. Now she receives compliments from everyone she meets on the softness of her fur. She has accompanied me deep into the backcountry wilds of Colorado where we camp for several days, and to the tops of several 14’ers.

Since last November 2008 (it is June 2009 as of this writing), Qaisuke has been taking System Saver (in addition to Nupro Joint Support, wild alaskan salmon oil, vitamins C and E, and MSM) with her grassfed/organic/wild caught raw meat diet. Prior to adding SystemSaver to her list of dietary supplements, she had her good days and her bad days, and I was carrying her on most of our hiking trips. But since adding System Saver to the lineup, she is a new dog. Any evidence of her joint issues is seen only rarely. No other supplement or vitamin I’ve tried with her has produced as substantial results as System Saver. She showed signs of arthritis at age 3 1/2, when I adopted her. She is currently 6 1/2 years old. It’s like every year she got “younger and younger.” She exudes tremendous health, is clean as a whistle, her digestive system is strong as steel, her eyes like shiny buttons, and everyone from her acupuncturist to her vet, to people who meet her as we run errands or do therapy dog work say that they can’t believe how well-muscled and athletic she is.

I’d wanted a small, but athletic dog. In Qaisuke, I got both these things, but I also got an arthritic dog. Arthritis is a chronic, incurable condition, and nobody would think that a dog with this condition could do the things that Qaisuke has done; feats that are above and beyond what even normal healthy larger breed pet dogs get the opportunity to do. Qaisuke is quite the climber, able to scale what look to be 75-degree inclines and fly up and down mountainous rock scrambles with grace and ease– and with a true passion for the outdoors, and for adventure beyond the concrete sidewalks of the city. System Saver has made this possible. For a dog that was showing signs of arthritis as early as 3 years of age, she would never be performing at the level that she is without SystemSaver, acupuncture, other nutritional supplements, and the best diet possible. She is nothing short of a miracle.

~ Norell Leung