With all the claims about the benefits of herbal medicines to fix one thing or another, and having spent decades working in the realm of science and technology, I was not very willing to believe that System Saver could be beneficial to me. I struggled with arthritic thumbs and fingers, and pain in both knees, mainly from cartilage tears. I then had the opportunity to witness the effects that it had on others, and began to do some research into System Saver. I learned that there is a sound scientific basis to the claimed effects, and lots of statistics supporting the potnenial benefits. I began to take regular daily doses, and after a month or so, I found that the arthritic discomfort in my fingers and knees was greatly reduced.

About two years after I began taking daily doses, I happened to run out of System Saver. In about a week, I found that the discomfort in my knees, which had been absent for all that time, was returning, and that my fingers ached much more than they had been. I realized then and there that it was System Saver, without a doubt, that had given me all that relief. I received a resupply after another week. When it arrived, I tore open the packaging and immediately took a double dose, which I continued for a couple of days. The discomfort that I was having just faded away in 3 or 4 days. Convinced of its benefits, I am now very diligent about keeping a supply on hand.

~ Richard B., Florida