Rocky, Slater & Stoney

Agility Collies with arthritis, stress diarrhea, pinched nerve

ROCKY: My 12-year-old collie is a retired agility/herding/obedience dog. Dr.Regina Schwabe recommended that I put him on one capsule twice a day for general support due to his aging and some arthritis, and weakening in the rear muscles. He is doing well maintaining his mobility. He also gets Cosamin DS twice a day. He has been taking System Saver for about a year.

SLATER: Our 4-year-old collie was having trouble with stress diarrhea at agility trials. Once I read on the bottle that it helped with irritable bowel syndrome I thought it might help. He is taking one capsule twice a day and no longer has any diarrhea on trial weekends. He also recovered very quickly from his neutering surgery to remove a retained testicle. He’s been on SS for about 6 months.

STONEY: Our 7-year-old collie is active in agility and has had two occurrences of a pinched nerve in his neck. His most recent problem happened about 3 weeks ago. Dr Schwabe recommended SS for him this time. He is recovering nicely with increased mobility in turning his head to the right and less limping on right front leg. So his is the most short term use with an acute problem. He was also diagnosed as a youngster with Dermatomyositis (skin and muscle disease of collies/shelties/etc). He does not have any active lesions now, but I will keep your product in mind for the future with him.

~ Judy Smotrel