At 18 months, Chloe, who’d been a perfectly healthy puppy, developed equine ehrlichiosis from a tick bite. After her first round of antibiotics, she bounced back but only temporarily. By the age of three, she had low thyroid on blood tests, her hair was thin and oily looking, and her expression “just wasn’t right.” She was given thyroid supplementation.

Our vet, Dr. Marty Goldstein, said many of his canine patients were itchy that year. We tried homeopathic remedies. Nothing was helping. Poor dog was literally biting herself every waking moment. The rest of time, she was sleeping. We took her to a veterinary dermatologist, who took a skin biopsy and confirmed staph infection. We tried a bunch of natural anti-microbials like olive leaf extract and grapefruit seed extract. She would vomit yellow bile a lot of days first thing in the morning. She really looked pathetic and sad.

By this time, our vet suggested System Saver. We gave Chloe 2 pills in the AM and 2 in the PM with meals. After a few months on System Saver, she was starting to heal. And then in early Spring of this year, listless and unable to run around in the yard, we had her titers checked again for equine ehrlichiosis. The number was sky high. In addition, her hormone levels were completely unbalanced. Never having taken Chloe off System Saver, we completed 12 weeks of Doxycycline while she was taking System Saver. This time, the antibiotic worked. I believe it was System Saver that allowed the antibiotic to work. It healed all her lesions.

Chloe is presently healthy. Her skin looks perfect. She doesn’t itch or bite herself. All staph is gone and what is sustaining her immune system now is System Saver. There is hope. It might not be that a person or an animal can completely give up medication or that they wouldn’t need adjunct support or that they wouldn’t relapse at some point. System Saver gave us hope and gave us back our dog, and she’s doing really, really well!

Mady Kushner, Katonah NY