Suzanne Clothier & John Rice Testimonial

Suzanne Clothier & John Rice - Hawks Hunt Farm, St Johnsville NY: We've got quite a few animals, and many are fairly old, so we've put System Saver to the test on multiple species and a variety of issues. ALL have benefited from SS; here's just a few of our more dramatic success stories:

otter2sm_smallOTTER 13+ yr old F German Shepherd, dramatic improvement in range of motion, movement and social interactions. For about the past 18 months, Otter has been avoiding being bumped into or run over by the younger more active dogs,and often put herself in quiet corners or even in a crate to avoid problems. She had stopped getting into bed or on the couch. Thanks to System Saver (the only new addition to her diet), she now trots with a bounce in her step, with regular cantering and gallops for long distances such as from the house to the barn (150' or more). Frankly, some days she's a pain in the butt, she feels so good!


grizmonksnowsm_smallGRIZZLY 11+ yr old M German Shepherd - clearing of the inflammation around his eyes (cracking,swelling, weeping due to allergies). Dramatic increase in energy, flexibility and range of motion, playfulness, and clearing of his ears (chronic problems). Jumping on & off bed regularly with little effort, much more playful. At times, a pain in the butt he feels so good! Shown here chasing his son around, wearing Elizabethan collar due to eye surgery.

Tyler a 13 year Old Mix Breed

tylerdogMy large mixed breed dog Tyler is now 13 but has suffered from a serious hip injury and general arthritis for years. About three years ago, his veterinarian suggested the pharmaceutical Rimadyl. Having lost a dog to acute kidney failure secondary to this drug years ago, I could not follow through on this recommendation. Tyler’s quality of life was on the line, but a drug that could kill him did not seem to be a good solution to his problems.

Fortunately, I heard through the grapevine of a natural product called ‘Canine System Saver’ that was improving the quality of life for arthritic dogs. Owners reported significant improvements in their dogs’ ability to get up and down, to take flights of stairs, and to enjoy reasonably long walks. At age 10, Tyler was struggling to get to his feet, hesitating to take a first step forward, needing help to negotiate stairs, and limping soon after starting on a walk necessitating a quick return home.

Thanks to System Saver, Tyler at age 13 is much more comfortable and much more active than he was at age 10. While still a little stiff from the arthritis, he can get up and down quite well most days, jumps excitedly for his food, goes on fairly long walks even in the cold temperatures of Alaska, and can negotiate the 12 step flight of stairs leading to our apartment without assistance.

I gradually increased the dosage to 2 capsules of Canine System Saver in the morning, and 2 in the evening. It is this 2 capsule dosage, given roughly every 12 hours, that has made the difference for Tyler. It took three months of trial and error to arrive at this optimal dosing. My word of caution to other dog owners is to give this natural product time to work, and to increase the dosage within the recommended guidelines until the best possible results are achieved. I owe my quality time with Tyler over the past three years to Canine System Saver, and I am grateful beyond words to those who developed this extraordinary product.

I should add that a side benefit of the Canine System Saver seems to be much better control of Tyler’s GERD. He rarely shows signs of having reflux at this point. Prior to starting him on Canine System Saver, he required morning doses of Pepcid.

With gratitude, Charlene M.




My Maggy

germanshepMy sweet, beautiful German shepherd, Maggy was born June 24, 2000. As I am a widow (for many years) Maggy and I enjoy a relationship that could be described as "equal partnership". We are well-tuned to each other. We graduated from every class there is for dog obedience, citizenship, therapy, agility. I tell people that she has a "PhD". She shops with me. Goes into every store in town, except supermarkets, of course. I recently took her to a movie. She knows the 'drill' and she curls up next to me for however long it takes.

One can imagine how horrified I was two years ago when Maggy suddenly showed signs of distress. We were out shopping and she had difficulty jumping into the car. It was evening when all the veterinary hospitals are closed so I did not hesitate to hurry her to the Animal Emergency. Her spleen had burst and she was minutes from bleeding out.

Three days later I was able to take my Maggy home. She bounced back so readily it was wonderful to see. The huge cyst on the end of Maggy's spleen was, indeed, malignant. I was so scared. The worst thing that my own vet did was to send me reports and testimony concerning this malignant spleen procedure telling me that most dogs do not survive more than eighty-one (8l !) days.

I set out to change all that. Maggy was already eating the best quality food available. Her weight stayed constant throughout her adult years.....staying in the range of 71-75 lbs. After the surgery I began to give her three meals a day. Subconsciously, I had blacked out that 81 days prognosis. Totally forgot about it until my subconscious mind was sure that 81 days had come and gone! Only then did I, again, read that horrible news.

This is when I remembered that there was a vetinarian who specializes in therapeutic, rehabilitative and all integrative care. We made the appointment and this vet was not expecting my 12-year old Maggy to be an eager and alert patient! We spent a couple hours with this wonderful veterinarian and she outlined a specific protocol of daily helpful things to do......and the most important change and benefit to Maggy was the introduction of a supplement called "System Saver".

It was no time until Maggy was physically active, like a pup, with her tennis ball, taking long walks, eating three hot meals a day.

I must interject here that Maggy had been prone to frequent diarhhea. Not any more!!! We know how much information is available to us just by looking at a BM. Well, System Saver was doing a super job on Maggy's elimination system. I have never seen a more beautiful bowel movement from Maggy before and this continues. Years ago I used to wonder why Maggy was eliminating such a low volume. Now, she is eliminating a greater quantity.......and more frequently!

I applaud the makers of System Saver! They knew what they set out to do....and they did it! It is a wonderful product!

Written by: Lu Williams




harry I adopted Harry in November 2001 from the local SPCA. At that time, I was told that he was around   one and a half years old. Occasionally, I noticed that he had some sensitivity in his hind legs, but he seemed healthy and active otherwise. In 2004, I took him to the vet with what I believed was a urinary tract infection. X-rays were taken and they revealed that Harry had severe hip dysplasia, and barely had any hip joints at all. The vet recommended that he have hip replacement surgery.

For reasons both financial and logistical, I started looking for alternatives to surgery which led me to a veterinary acupuncturist. From him, I learned about system saver and I decided to try it. Almost immediately, I noticed that Harry's energy level and mood seem to lift. His mobility improved and he wanted to extend our walks for miles. Harry remained the picture of health until September, 2010. I came home from work one night to discover that he had chewed 1/2 of his tail off. The scene was so shocking that I can barely bring myself to describe it. Tail wounds are like head wounds in that the bleeding is profuse. I took him into an emergency room where they performed surgery to remove the mutilated portion of his tail. What followed this surgery was an expensive medical odyssey that ultimately never conclusively diagnosed my dog's condition. Around the same time, a friend's dog had to be put to sleep because of the sudden onset of severe seizures. I shared Harry's plight with a family member who is also a highly regarded physician. He told me that dogs sometimes contract an illness that is similar to meningitis and that they do one of two things: they self mutilate or they begin seizing until they die. Although I cannot prove that my friend's dog with casino en ligne sans telechargement the seizures and Harry's self-mutilation are related, I feel in my gut that they both had a meningitis like illness.

The different outcomes with my friend's dog and Harry's are that Harry was on System Saver. I believe that while Harry did become ill, his body was able to recover because of the support that System Saver gave him. We're a year and a half out from the tail mutilation and Harry is not on any prescription meds (to the tune of $500 a month). He is 12+ years old and happily drags me on 5 mile walks each day, plays with his cat and loves to visit friends. My boy is happy, healthy, bossy, beautiful and he doesn't seem to know he is an old man.

I've been so impressed with the improved quality of life that System Saver has given my dog that there have been a few times when I've taken one myself. I admit its weird, but I am flawed. Anyway, if my experience is any indication, this stuff is awesome. I felt great when I tried it!  When my sister was recently diagnosed with COPD, I told her to give System Saver (for humans) a try. She loves it and claims it is the only thing that makes her feel normal again.





Jasper, our Golden Retriever, entered our lives several days before Thanksgiving three years ago. Our vet guessed that Jasper was somewhere between 2 and 3 years old. He weighed 40 lbs and was very sick with parasites. There wasn't a lot of information available about Jasper except that his owner gave him up to the dog warden. The Golden Retriever Rescue picked him up days before he was ready to be euphonized. His hair was so matted that he had to be shaved down to his skin. Jasper had every symptom of having been abused. He was afraid of everything including the dark. In all the years we have had Jasper he never sat down. He would stand for hours or lie down. Even riding in the car Jasper would just lie down on the seat and not stick his head out the window like most dogs enjoyed doing. I started Jasper on System Saver and within a three day period I began to notice a change. I took Japer for a ride in the car and he rode sitting up and looking out the window all the way to the post office and back. Then as the days ticked by and he continued to take System Saver I not only saw that he was sitting but he didn't struggle when he got up from lying down. System Saver has been a life changing experience for Jasper. He is more comfortable and is enjoying his life with less pain. Thank you System Saver!!!!

Virgina Higgins


Virginia Higgins
Cutaneous Histiocytosis

Phoebe Buffay "Schnoodle" suddenly bumps appeared all over her body. Otherwise healthy 8yr old Schnoodle. Surgical biopsies concluded the histiocytosis. More biopsies and steroid meds were suggested. I declined. Sensing allergic reactions to the environment I sought a sensible alternative. Not a big change for the first week. Also using a liver builder and detox tablet.

After 9 days of one whole cap per day. Her symptoms are melting away. I found a dog psychic who recommended your product. She saw a fungal activity occurring in the hair follicles.Your product addressed the anti inflamatory anti fungal part of the condition. I shall continue Phoebe on this remedy and recommend it to others. Thank you

Suzanne Owens


Laryngeal Paralysis Surgery

We found out about System Saver through Animal Wellness magazine; our dog had Laryngeal Paralysis surgery and after about 6 months, started to sound like a freight train. When the article stated that System Saver was good for upper airway issues, I called the company. I spoke with Judy and she sent me one. Then I started to order it. Then my husband started taking it, then my other dog started strictly for prevention and then... I STARTED because I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my big toe! I need to take 2, twice a day... but having no more pain is a pleasure. I find it a remarkable product. It has been wonderful in that there is no more pain! He has been taking System Saver for over a year now. Sometimes one pill does it; sometimes he needs two per day. But it has kept him happy and able to function totally.


Abbey Zap and her Greyhound (Jesse & Matthew)


Felix - Old Age Arthritis

Felix is 15 years old and has arthritis, she has used her body hard and is certainly slowing down a lot :( . She seems to have improved with her mobility. I expected great results because my friend and mentor Suzanne Clothier swears by the product and I have great trust in her judgement I will continue to use System Saver with any animals I have with any issues around inflammation. I will highly recommend this product to any friends and clients whose animals are experiencing discomfort/pain with chronic inflammation and degenerative conditions.

Catherine Thomas

Arthritis in a 12 year old Lhasa Apso

Used with a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement, Systemsaver appeared to boost the efficacy with improved mobility.

Recommended by Veterinarian.


Collie with Skin Allergies

Luke, our 8 year old collie, has a history of chronic seasonal skin allergies from August through October. We started Luke on System saver in March 2010 and it made huge difference this past fall. We have incorporated several other things to help such as a homemade diet, teetering and acupuncture. We were able to decrease his dose of prednisone from 10 mg every day down to a maintenance dose of 2.5 mg every other day for a much shorter duration! We are very grateful to have found system saver. We learned about System Saver from Suzanne Clothier's website.

Elizabeth Bush


Sandy Prantl Wolf ParkTestimonial

Orca lives at Wolf Park, in Lafayette, Indiana. (For a complete chronicle of Orca’s life visit WOLF PARK and click on the “Orca Update” icon.) He sustained a spinal cord injury in 1997. Due to superb, timely medical intervention and dedicated care of the wolf park staff, Orca not only survived his injury but was successfully rehabilitated. He regained his ability to walk, although his gait was weak and rather wobbly at times.

5-yr Dog with severe arthritis


My dog Simba was only 5 years old when he developed severe arthritis. The vet said he had bone rubbing on bone and that the cartilage was almost gone. I put Simba on medication and glucosamine. I tried this and everything else for the next 3 years and nothing seemed to work. I even tried going homeopathic but Simba kept getting worse. It got to the point where he could hardly go up or down stairs anymore. When we went for walks he walked so slowly. Gone were the days of long hikes; we were down to 30 minutes maximum. When we went to the dog park, he would just lie down beside me. It was really heartbreaking to watch as he used to be so active doing flyball, agility, Frisbee etc...

Finally, a few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about his condition and she suggested "System Saver". She said her dog was doing really well on it and it had changed his life! So I ordered it. To be honest, I was very skeptical. Of course I always had hope (you have to...) but nothing had worked in the past so why would this?

A week later, I noticed that Simba was standing longer and he had a bit of a spring in his step. But I thought it might have been because there had been a few changes in our lives. We moved to a ground floor apartment and acquired another dog in the transition. Three weeks later, Simba is running after the Frisbee again, chasing the ball, going on long, long walks again. He even played with a few dogs at the dog park this afternoon. This is after a 2 hour walk this morning and another 2 hour walk this afternoon! He is getting back to his active self again. I am so happy beyond words! I owe this all to "System Saver". I never would have thought that a natural supplement could do so much. I am so impressed that I ordered a 6 month supply in advance. I really hope that if a dog, animal or human is suffering from arthritis that it won't take as long as it took me to discover this medication.

We love you System Saver!

~Joanna and Simba xo
Dog with chronic skin allergies


Our dog Carson suffered from chronic seasonal allergic skin eruptions ever since we adopted him seven years ago, complete with bleeding hot spots and non-stop scratching, licking and biting of his skin. These episodes ultimately ended with trips to our vet for antibiotics and steroid shots at least twice each year in order to bring him any relief. When he suffered an ACL tear this past April, I found System Saver while searching online for alternatives to the TPLO surgery that our vet was recommending.  However, as Carson's tear turned out to be total, we went ahead with the  surgery and did not start him on System Saver right away, as our conservative surgeon was not familiar with it and discouraged us from giving it to him while he was recovering from the surgery. Instead, I forgot about it until he was seized by the worst episode of biting and scratching he'd ever had, once he was allowed to go outside for longer walks again. I gave Carson his first dose of System Saver in the desperate hope it might bring him some relief.  His skin was red, as were his lips from the constant licking of his inflamed skin and he could not walk three steps without stopping to sit and scratch.

The results were nothing short of miraculous!  Carson was able to sleep through the night without scratching and within three days, his skin was clearer and healthier than it had ever been before. He's feeling so much better in general these days, too! Needless to say, System Saver will be part of Carson's diet for the rest of his life.

Thank you so much!
~ Carol Casperson

Wheaten Terrier with MRSI


In August 2009, Maddy, our beautiful, happy-go-lucky nine-year-old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, developed a rash on her stomach.  I took her to many vets, and they kept prescribing antibiotics, which I could see were not working.  The rash continued to get worse, so much so that it appeared to manifest as flesh-eating disease.

Poor Maddy lived with this – in misery and confined to an Elizabethan collar -- for three months before a vet ordered a culture.  The vet informed me that Maddy had MRSI and that I should “get rid of her.”  Shocked, saddened, scared, and in no way willing to “get rid of her,” I was intent on finding a solution.  I took Maddy to a canine determatologist.  The news wasn’t good.  Only one antibiotic gave her a small chance of survival.  Although she did respond, there were no guarantees that the MRSI would not return.  If it did, it was likely that it would not respond to any antibiotics, and we would lose her.

A friend suggested that I speak with the folks who developed SystemSaver.  I did, and that’s when Maddy turned around. She’s been on SystemSaver ever since.  She’s happy, healthy, and most people think she’s a puppy.  This fascinates me, because Maddy’s had a history of joint problems.  Although she always loved to swim, she didn’t go in the pool at all in 2009, and she went in very rarely in 2008.  I could see that she was in pain. Well, this summer, she’s been swimming many times!  In fact, when I ask her if she wants to go for a swim, she dashes down the stairs and heads right for the door, eager to do a belly flop!  As for the MRSI, it’s nowhere in sight, and no one has any worries that it will return. Thank you, SystemSaver!

~ Sherri Adelkoff,  Pittsburgh, PA

GSD with malignant tumors

zoess ZOE

Zoe is an 8-year-old GSD with anal sac tumors.  Surgery was successful but complications arose and she developed a fever and infection.  She roulette en ligne gratuit was put on System Saver and recovered faster than expected. She is back to her happy, crazy ball-playing self!

~ Lillian W.

Shelter Dog with double hysplasia


Sierra, a puppy, arrived in our lives with double hysplasia and some knee issues. She couldn't walk two blocks to the kids' bus stop without limping home. The next day she would only walk if she had to. We were not given many options for treatment, but having used System Saver before for our other animals, we decided to try Sierra on it.

We started Sierra on 3 pills a day to see how she did. Boy, did she have a big quick turnaround as far as the pain goes! I took her for a walk about 4 blocks and then back home, and she didn't even limp the next day. By Day-3, Sierra was playing with a little dog. I thought, okay, she will not be able to walk in the morning.  Well, she got up this morning and when I brought her outside, she ran around like a banchee. It was like there was nothing wrong with her hips.  She seems like she isn't in any pain. I know at some point she will have to get new hips. But at least now she can live each day with her family without all the crying from the pain.

My other 10-year old Shepherd mix couldn't walk because her back was really bad with arthritis.  The vet put her on all these pills that didn't work. Then we put her on System Saver and she walked until she was 14.  The vet couldn't believe it, and now he will not believe how well Sierra is doing. Now Sierra plays like the carefree puppy she is.

We can't thank you  enough. There is nothing we can say or do to pay you back for what you have given my family, and what you have given Sierra, the 9-month old dog, who continues to do well four months later on System Saver.

One Year later 3-2011...My puppy Sierra is now 1.5 years old and has been on System Saver her whole life.  We just got another puppy zeus he is a shephard, they play and run just like any other dogs.  Sierra is 65lbs and zeus is around that and will end up 90lbs. To watch sierra jump over him in the snow, play with the kids on the sleds is the best thing ever and it's all thanks to System Saver.

~ Kevin, Dee and the gang

Vizslas with a neuro-musculature and CCL/arthritis issues

tega_kaboom_v2KABOOM and TEGA

Original condition:  Canine: Kaboom is my is a 3-year-old Vizsla who as a "weird" neuro-musculature issue and a "horn" on a lumbar vertebra process that is rubbing against the next lumbar process. The System Saver is a support decision by me. His 7-year-old mother (Tega) who had some CCL/Arthritis issues and in February had a Dorsal Hemilectomy. So for her two conditions, it is support and support.

Results: Kaboom- never been off it, so no idea how much of a change it makes. Tega had been on System Saver and GLC for over a year when we made the decision to breed her for the third and last time. After the pups were weaned, I put her back on the two supplements. Within 4 days she was amazingly happier, more comfortable, etc. We did not have to take her of either for the surgery. She healed well, and she will stay on the SS to reduce/slow down the progression of degenerative issues.

~ Rhoda  Ezell

Beagle with cancer

A woman came to me asking for help with her beagle. He had a throat mass and was having difficulties with swallowing; he couldn't eat or drink. The local vet said the dog had cancer and there wasn't much he could do. Familiar with my background in dog nutrition, she asked if I knew of anything that might help.  I gave her a bottle of System saver and told her to give 2 capsules twice a day, and after one month cut back to 1 capsule twice a day. Recently, the woman caught up with me. She was so happy, tears were streaming down her face as she told me the beagle was eating, drinking, and playing like a puppy again. She is so thankful to System Saver.

I also put my 13-year-old Newfoundland on SS to see what effect it would have on a large fatty cyst he had on his shoulder. It has halved in size. I'm pleased since it was making his getting up and down stairs difficult for him. While he is not fast, at least he can do it now.

~ Wendy Volhard, Volhard Dog Training and Nutrition


Bearded Collie with ehrlichiosis and staph infection


At 18 months, Chloe, who'd been a perfectly healthy puppy, developed equine ehrlichiosis from a tick bite. After her first round of antibiotics, she bounced back but only temporarily. By the age of three, she had low thyroid on blood tests, her hair was thin and oily looking, and her expression "just wasn’t right.” She was given thyroid supplementation.

Our vet said many of his canine patients were itchy that year. We tried homeopathic remedies.  Nothing was helping.  Poor dog was literally biting herself every waking moment. The rest of time, she was sleeping. We took her to a veterinary dermatologist, who took a skin biopsy and confirmed staph infection. We tried a bunch of natural anti-microbials like olive leaf extract and grapefruit seed extract.  She would vomit yellow bile a lot of days first thing in the morning. She really looked pathetic and sad.

By this time, our vet suggested System Saver. We gave Chloe 2 pills in the AM and 2 in the PM with meals. After a few months on System Saver, she was starting to heal. And then in early Spring of this year, listless and unable to run around in the yard, we had her titers checked again for equine ehrlichiosis. The number was sky high.  In addition, her hormone levels were completely unbalanced. Never having taken Chloe off System Saver, we completed 12 weeks of Doxycycline while she was taking System Saver. This time, the antibiotic worked. I believe it was System Saver that allowed the antibiotic to work.  It healed all her lesions.

Chloe is presently healthy. Her skin looks perfect. She doesn't itch or bite herself. All staph is gone and what is sustaining her immune system now is SystemSaver. There is hope. It might not be that a person or an animal can completely give up medication, or that they wouldn't need adjunct support, or that they wouldn't relapse at some point. System Saver gave us hope and gave us back our dog, and she's doing really, really well!

~ Mady Kushner,  Katonah, NY

Doberman with neck injury and lick granulomas


I started using System Saver on my 13-year-old dog, after hearing about it at a Suzanne Clothier workshop. Kellie was going down hill with pain from a yound dog neck injury. She was displaying much of the same symptoms that CVI would present. We were tyring to control her pain with Metacam and a soft neck wrap. Now she is out of the neck wrap and off Metacam and doing very well. The pain from her old injury is more controlled, and she's enjoying a better quality of life. Since SS, Kellies coat is much thicker and her lick granulomas have improved at least by 50%.

~ Sherry Moore

Agility Collies with arthritis, stress diarrhea, pinched nerve

my3sons_v2ROCKY:  My 12-year-old collie is a retired agility/herding/obedience dog.  Dr.Regina Schwabe recommended that I put him on one capsule twice a day for general support due to his aging and some arthritis, and weakening in the rear muscles.   He is doing well maintaining his mobility.  He also gets Cosamin DS twice a day.  He has been taking System Saver for about a year.

SLATER:  Our 4-year-old collie was having trouble with stress diarrhea at agility trials.  Once I read on the bottle that it helped with irritable bowel syndrome I thought it might help.  He is taking one capsule twice a day and no longer has any diarrhea on trial weekends. He also recovered very quickly from his neutering surgery to remove a retained testicle. He's been on SS for about 6 months.

STONEY:  Our 7-year-old collie is active in agility and has had two occurrences of a pinched nerve in his neck. His most recent problem happened about 3 weeks ago.   Dr Schwabe recommended SS for him this time.   He is recovering nicely with increased mobility in turning his head to the right and less limping on right front leg.  So his is the most short term use with an acute problem. He was also diagnosed as a youngster with Dermatomyositis (skin and muscle disease of collies/shelties/etc). He does not have any active lesions now, but I will keep your product in mind for the future with him.

~ Judy Smotrel

Golden Retriever with hip dysplasia and arthritis


Jesse, my 4.5-year-old Golden, has bi-lateral hip dysplasia, arthritic elbows and poorly structured knees.  She was put on System Saver to 'see' if she might regain some mobility... Prior to using the product, she had stopped getting into bed with me at night and needed to be assisted into the car, she was also reluctant to play with me or my other dog when out in the yard, preferring to stand on the side and watch.  After three weeks on System Saver, Jesse started to offer these behaviors again and started to PLAY again in the yard.  She is still cautious  to over-do-it, but her movement is freer and she appears to be more comfortable and happier.  My girl is more playful than she has been in the last year and it is so nice to have my cuddle bud back in bed.

~ Lora D, NJ
Collie with lameness

zigzag_smallZIG ZAG

My collie, Zig Zag is doing very well on System Saver – he is literally bouncing off me, spinning in circles, goofy and happy – it is amazing in a dog that had previously suffered several bouts of lameness (treated homeopathically) – it is a joy to see!  He has CEA and his depth perception is impaired, but he now looks at me directly in a way he had not in the past.  I absolutely recommend this product and agree – I swear by it and at it (especially when the tennis ball keeps landing in my lap!)  Photo was taken by Amanda Jones.

~ Susan K., CT

Golden Retriever with skin rash


Sophie, my 4-year-old Golden, has had a 'rash' of sorts on her muzzle for 6 months that went undiagnosed and treated in terms of management for close to 4 months.  The area was always 'wet' and raw looking, and she was always rubbing her muzzle into the ground or rug.  She licked at the area very often and often ended up with open lesions.  I started her on System Saver, and within 10 days, the area of her muzzle that has looked yucky for so long is clear and normal.  Seriously... I don't remember the last time her face looked this good.  She is no longer rubbing her muzzle into the ground or licking at the area.  I am so relieved that this mysterious 'rash' as disappeared!  Even the vet was surprised and asked for the website of the company!

~ Lora D, NJ

Australian Shepherd with thyroid and septic conditions


Jake, 12 years old, is a former grow-op dog who was beaten about his back and tail bone. He was septic and was also in need of Thyroid medication.  His immune system was also challenged. When we discovered System Saver a few years ago, we thought this would be a product that would help him with all that his body was going through.

What a difference!


German Shepherd/Huskie mix with arthritis


Tupal, a German Shepherd/Husky mix, is approximately 12 years old. She was rescued after being chained for three years in the mountains of Creston, British Columbia.  She and 56 other dogs were exposed to all the elements of heat and cold, snow and rain for year after year, so you can only imagine how this took a toll on her body.

She has been on System Saver for two years now for severe arthritis in the spine and she has improved in mobility and comfort.

Both Tupal and Jake are doing well now. They’ve gone from abused, neglected dogs to loving, healthier companions.


Collie/Lab cross with persistent cough, and aches and pains


Sammi, a 16-year-old Collie/Lab cross, came into our home seven months ago through rescue.  She came with a persistent cough, sore ears, lots of aches and pains, and a pretty bad smell.  She started taking System Saver shortly after arriving here. Over time, we have watched her get stronger and healthier. She now greets each and every day like a puppy. She loves  running out into the yard, side-by-side with the younger dogs, a big smile on her face and a tail that won’t stop wagging.  Seeing her healthy and happy at age 16 is a blessing!

Thank you System Saver for helping us to help those we love.

~ Gail Moerkerken

Boxer with spondylosis


A few years ago, my then 12-year-old boxer was diagnosed with Spondylosis - bone spurs on his spine - which made it difficult for his rear assembly to move or bend or generate much power for climbing stairs or getting into the car. Suzanne Clothier who I've never heard recommend anything, highly recommended System Saver. After 2-3 weeks on SS, Buster was a different dog. Everyone noticed the difference and commented on it. He clearly felt happier and more comfortable in his body. Buster's condition is progressive, and over the past 3 years, he's deteriorated (as was expected). He's recently begun a low dose of Prednesone (which doesn't seem to do much). Buster is now 14½ years old, and I'm sure without SS he wouldn't have made it this far. Without question, SS not only helped prolong his life, but helped give him a better quality of life.

~ Ann Campbell

German Shepherd search dog maintaining health



Search K-9 Mick and handler Melisa would like to say thank you to System Saver for all the great benefits this wonderful product has provided.

System Saver has helped Mick to give his all to his SAR work as a certified cadaver dog.

~ Melisa

Elderly Welsh Terriers


After a 6 to 8 week period,I saw a HUGE shift with my dogs, and the Rottie with bad hips. HUGE and all of a sudden. I almost asked myself "why would I want Bailey to act younger?" but I smile when I say that, because seeing her 12-year-old self act like a goofball, jump over 5-foot-above-ground pools and swim like a nut, how do you ask for more? Jack my dearheart had a bulging disc, and was acting very fragile, and while not jumping over 5 ft barriers, he is no longer exhibiting any symptoms or pain.

~Kathi O, TX

Golden Retriever with lameness


Gibson is a very intelligent, athletic dog, and is a keen obedience competitor. He's always been very healthy and now, at nine, he's as energetic as ever, however occasionally he develops soreness and sometimes lameness from his athletic shenanigans. Running the yard, and sometimes making little divots in the ground, were enough to produce a sore leg or sensitivity.  This usually showed up on waking from a nap or his first movement in the morning.  After a few steps he was his usual fit self.  I figured it was the downside of the aging process and, of course, his hard running and sudden stops contributing to the problem.

Now, upon waking he rises easily and in one fluid motion, not slowly as before when he would let his aches subside. The addition of System Saver to his daily regimes has, I believe, truly improved his quality of well being. We are truly blessed.

~ Joyce

Dog with Cushings disease

My dog has Cushings (in the early stages).  He had a chronic yeast infection in his ears that medicine didn’t touch.  Because of the Cushings, I’ve eliminated wheat from his diet (he’s already on a food with no by-products, corn or wheat), but it only helped a little.  I’ve also eliminated food that I know has purines, and I’ve put him on an herbal extract for Cushings.  I’ve had him on the System Saver for several weeks. It took awhile to see the improvement, but now he is doing much better. Besides the improvement in the crustiness of his ears, he also feels so much better that it’s obvious even to outsiders.


~ Beth
Golden Retriever/Chow mix with right ACL tear


The vet diagnosed Koa, my 6-year old Golden Retriever/Chow mix, with a 15-20% tear of his right ACL (CCL) and recommended surgery. I've learned in life that there is just about always a safer, less invasive, less traumatizing, less expensive, more holistic, and ultimately superior solution to the scary worst-case-scenario recommendations of conventional medical doctors and vets. I opted to conservatively manage Koa's injury with strick, temporary confinement, activity restrictions, and dietary supplementation as an alternative to CCL surgery. Koa made a better, stronger, faster recovery than any dog I have heard about that had been diagnosed with a partial tear of a CCL. I fully credit the raw diet, System Saver, and other supplements for Koa's amazing recovery."

~Norell Leung

Elderly Boxer with aches and pains


Just wanted you to know I have put Buster, my 13-year-old Boxer, on a regular dose of System Saver (1-2x/day) and in two months he looks years younger. His skin is tighter to the body, he has fewer aches and pains, and he's frisky to an indecent degree. Such a joy to see him feeling really well.

~ Ann C. TN

Airedale Terrier active in agility


After only 6 days on System Saver, I noticed an increase in my 7-year-old Airedale terrier's energy level.  She is literally bouncing around the house like a puppy!  There is a new sparkle in her eyes and her coat is the darkest black and tan it has ever been.  She runs in agility about 2 weekends each month and has been consistently been coming in 5+ more seconds under course time since starting System Saver.  Others who only see her at weekend trials have also commented on how great she looks and have mentioned that she moves like a dog half her age.  I recommend System Saver to anyone who has a dog that is participating in performance events!

~ Sue L, WI

Lab with rapidly progressing arthritis


Due to a fall some years back, my black Lab developed hip problems and what appeared to be rapidly progressing arthitis. He was extremely uncomfortable and in pain, unable to do much of anything. He was moaning and whimpering all the time.  On System Saver, he quickly developed better mobility, and his moaning lessened. His coat became shiny and felt clean with no oily appearance. He slowly began to do activities he used to do, like walk, swim, play ball, and hunt. He was 8 when we started SS and he'll be 11 this summer.

~ Sherri Crozier

Corgi/Chihuahua mix with osteoarthritis


"My 6-year-old female Corgi/Chihuahua mix, Qaisuke, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and resulting osteoarthritis in both her hips. She has been taking System Saver now for several months (in addition to Nupro Joint Support, wild alaskan salmon oil, vitamins C and E, and MSM) with her grassfed/organic/wild caught raw meat diet. Prior to adding SystemSaver to her list of dietary supplements, she had her good days and her bad days, and I was carrying her on most of our hiking trips. But since adding System Saver to the lineup, she is a new dog. Any evidence of her joint issues is seen only rarely. No other supplement or vitamin I've tried with her has produced as substantial results as System Saver."

~ Norell Leung

Australian Shepherd with repetitive shoulder injury


My Aussie, Myst, had a repetitive shoulder injury for several years that came from doing stock work and agility. On one of her visits to the chiropractor, we were given System Saver to try, even though she was already on Glyco-Flex.  Myst has been on System Saver (along with the Glyco-Flex) since, and has never had another flairup in her shoulder!  I love this product!

~ Pamela Christian

Collie mix with adenocarcinoma


My dog was recovering from a splenectomy when the lab results showed adenocarcinoma. His prognosis was poor back in Feb '09. I declined chemo and put Simba on System Saver. I am also treating homeopathically with Dr. Jeff Levy. Simba is still here and doing quite well for casino pokie machines a 14-year-old Collie. I also put my 8-year-old Lab mix, Boomer, on SS to see if it would help with his severe dry eye (he has several health issues). I'm trying to wean him off prednisone. My vets are very impressed with how both dogs are doing despite their serious medical issues. Boomer hasn't had further seizuring or hypoglycemia this year (knock wood!) but the dry eye persists.

~ Deb Slade

Lab with inflamed bowel disease


My yellow Lab had inflamed bowel disease, which often caused her to vomit. I heard about System Saver through Wendy Volhard at one of her nutritional conferences. I put Piatt on it and the frequency of vomiting went from weekly to monthly to now very rarely.

~ Helen Rentlinger

Rescue Group uses System Saver with great results

Welcome Home Sanctuary is an all-breed rescue, rehoming and rehabilitation organization. We specialize in ElderDogs and Special Needs, providing sanctuary for a limited number of dogs. We work closely with several municipal shelters and no-kill shelters to prevent needless euthanasias and to get dogs into their forever homes. The sanctuary currently has over 30 dogs who live as house dogs in our homes and foster homes. Here are just a few of our success stories using System Saver.

morgana_bluebooBLUE BOO Beagle Mix with Cushings
System Saver has helped Blue-Boo the most. She is a 10 year old Beagle mix with Cushings. The shelter she came from gave her too much Lysodren, which immediately threw her into an Addisonian crisis on top of her "normal Cushings existence.  Swollen belly, lack of energy, lack of interest in things or in her surroundings.  Trouble breathing if she went too many yards on a walk.  I started giving her SS while she was still on the Lysodren (which is a DDT derivative!!!!!) and weaned her off of the Lysodren slowly as she started to improve with the SS.  Now, I haven't had a new bloodwork ACTH stim test done on her, but clinically here is how she presents when on SS only:  She has more energy; no more huffing and puffing; interested in everything; belly less pendulous and swollen; bright eyes; and she doesn't want to go home when she gets a nice walkie!

morgana_tuckerTUCKER  Husky/Lab mix with Heart Worm

The next dog that really responded to SS was Tucker.  Tucker is a totally blind and half-deaf 12-15 year old husky/lab mix from the South.  He came to our door with MAJOR heartworm infection, so bad that my vet would not even consider the "fast" treatment for HW on the assumption that his age, condition, and the severity of his case would cause him to throw a clot if treated quickly.  When he arrived, he was way too thin, uninterested, and very slow on his feet.  Aside from his monthly HW treatments, he wasn't really on anything else.  I put him on SS immediately and he began to take an interest in things, decided to seek out attention from my husband and myself, stake out his territory within the Sanctuary pack, and has gained confidence and "a spark" for lack of another term.  He is a dear love, and everything about him has improved.  In the beginning of his stay here, I wasn't sure we wouldn't lose him to the heartworms.  Now, I know he can beat it because he seems to want to.

morgana_boboBOBO Mini-Poodle withPancreatitis and Alopecia

BoBo is an apricot mini-poodle who saw his human Mom die, then wound up in a home that really wanted to do right by him, but they just weren't dog people and they couldn't make it work. He is going to be 17 soon.  He has a tendency toward pancreatitis, and then suddenly started developing alopecia on his ears, lower legs and back.  He went on SS and the alopecia completely reversed itself.  He hasn't has a bout of pancreatitis since beginning the SS.  He also is more interested in life in general. Nothing else changed in his daily routine, so I can only say it has to be the SS.


morgana_ellaMS ELLA PITZGERALD  Boxer Mix with luxated joints

Next is Ms. Ella Pitzgerald.  Miss Ella  is all wrong.  That is, she came to us with every joint that could be luxated, luxated.  Bad breeding.  Her elbows, knees, etc., all stick out at odd angles, making it difficult for her to walk.  But she was also withdrawn.  With the SS, she gets up, goes out on the deck for the sunshine, protects her little basket bed, gets out of ANY sweater we try to put on her, and bays in the AM with the other dogs to get me out of bed!!  We had never heard her voice before the SS.  She came to us at an estimated age of 14-15, and that was about 2 years ago.  She is a scream.  She can even roll on her back for a good old fashioned self-back rub with the help of SS.


morgana_poppyPOPPY  GSD with bad back

Finally, there's Poppy.  Poppy wound up in a kill shelter at the tender age of 14-15 years old.  He is a purebred German Shepherd dog.  But since coming here, he's had to have a partial tail amputation.  We put him right on SS.  He has a bad back, like a lot of Elder GSD's.  He's deaf except at very high frequencies, and he has a tendency to be a bit mouthy, I think to compensate for his other communications deficits.  The SS seems to have given him more energy, made him more outgoing, less mouthy, and generally more companionable.  He also seems to respond to lower frequencies when we speak to him, which means we no longer have to address him like minnie mouse!! He is a beautiful soul and a sweet man, and whatever happened to him, as all the others, he surely did not deserve.

MABEL  dog with anaplasmosis

Oh, there's one more dog - Mabel (we call her Able Mable).  Some months after we took her into Sanctuary, she wound up with anaplasmosis (she may have had it all along).  We treated her with the usual course of antibiotics, but now we keep her system up with SS and she seems to be mighty fine.  So there you have it.

Photos copyright Welcome Home Sanctuary Inc.

~ Morgana

Whippet with incontinence


Jewel has had a problem with incontinence. I put her on System Saver and noticed a real improvement. When I ran out of the SS, her incontinence returned. I also put my Italian Greyhound on it to see if it would help with his licking. Hair started growing in where he had licked himself raw.

~ Slyvia Laird

Jack Russel with facial wound

My two male JRTs got into a fight. Frosty had his large k-9 tooth ripped out from the root, a large gash across the nose area, blood coming out of the right nostril, and his breathing was heavily impared. After one dose of SS, Frosty could breath. After 3 days on SS, his nose showed all swelling gone, his breathing was 95% clear, and the large gash was almost completely healed. After 5 days on SS, he was completely fine.

~ Karen Hanna

Aging Dogs - immune system support

I have two aging dogs: Beamer, a 15-year-old pug; and Shine, a 12-year-old Belgian Malinois. I put them on System Saver to help boost their immune systems. What a difference in their energy levels! System Saver is almost like a fountain of slots online Youth! My 15-yo acts like he's 5 on SS! Not long ago, we ran out of SS. I didn't really notice how sluggish our dogs had become until starting them back on it. I love how my dogs live life on this product~

~ Theresa Richmond, Mahogany Ridge dog training and daycare

German Shorthaired Pointer with strained muscles


My 9-year-old GSP was competing for his OTCH title, when he suffered a series of muscle pulls in both his shoulder and then his groin. The groin was re-strained several times, and never fully healed, so we were unable to return to regular training, much less competition. It looked like his competition career might be over before he could finish his title.

My holistic sports veterinarian recommeded System Saver as a last resort. The groin muscle finally healed, and he was able to complete his title with no further injuries or lameness at age 10. System Saver was the key to his becoming only the 11th GSP to earn the OTCH title. As an added benefit, Blueberry began to act much younger with more energy and you could just tell he felt better overall.

~ Linda Montgomery

Elderly Shepherd Mix with difficulty getting up


Our 14-year-old dog could barely get up from a lying-down position. A horse trainer recommended that I try System Saver. Just a few days after I put Alex on SS, she could trot down the driveway to meet me. She has regained her mobility.

~ Kevin Campbell

German Shepherd Dog with degenerative mythopathy

My 12-year-old GSD has degenerative mythopathy. Since hearing about System Saver through a blog about horses, I put my older dog on it. He is visibly more active. He is able to stand for longer periods of time, and he seems happier. I have been able to decrease his pain meds. Seeing the results, I also put my 7-year-old GSD with chronic back soreness due to an injury on it. He's had no back spasms and has even begun jumping. They both have gorgeous thick glossy fur and no doggie odor! I recommend System Saver to everyone!

~ Mary Schurr

Rottweiler with orthopedic problems


Bella has dysplasia in both elbows and has developed arthritis. In Nov. 2006, she nearly ruptured her cruciate ligament while playing. we rehabilitated the injury using walking, swimming and tracking. She reached a plateau where progress semmed to stop by Spring of 2007. In late July 2007, I was introduced to System Saver. Within 30 days, we began to see improvement. System Saver seems to have given my dog the extra boost needed to return to an active life. Her movement improved, as did her spirits. She was much more willing to get up and down and did so more easily. She began to go on longer walks and be more active throughtout the day in general.

While I had hoped Bella would regain better movement and continue to heal the cruciate ligament injury, I was pleasantly surprised at the dramatic increase in her energy level. She has a spring in her step and an extra sparkle in her eye!

Kimberly Elliott

Golden Retriever with dysplasia


My 7 1/2 year-old Golden had hip and elbow dysplasia. I put Sole on System Saver after I received a complimentary bottle at a trainer's workshop. The results were phenomenal! She feels so much more comfortable, and she's much more playful.  Because the results for Sole were so positive, I put my 7 1/2-year-old male Golden and my 14 1/2-year-old femal Boxer cross on it. I'm seeing a big change in their behavior. They are all feeling so much better, playing more, swimming for longer periods of time, and generally feeling much more at ease. I have to say that while I'm delighted, I'm also surprised by the degree of their improvements.

~ Linda Tompkins

Australian Shepherd Mix with torn ACL


My dog had surgery to repair a torn ACL. She was carrying the leg and had arthritis in it. At the recommendation of my vet, Dr. Baum at Paplin Animal Wellness Center where Alex did her swim therapy, I put her on System Saver. Now she has no limp at all. She seems more energetic and she will be 10-years-old in December.

~ Sandy B. Clark

Lab with herniated disc in thoracic region


I put my 11-year-old Lab on System Saver for a herniated disc. His coat imporved and he started walking freely, rather than in obvious pain. I thought the gait change was due to Tramadol, but after a week off Systerm Saver, he started walking with obvious pain again (while still on Tramadol). After seeing what it did for Sirius, I plan on taking it for myself, along with giving it to my other dog.

~Michelle Palmer