Follow-up Stories
Many products get initial glowing reviews, including System Saver. But it's really the test of time that tells the true story. Read on for follow-up testimonials and stories from long-term users.

Mare with Brown Recluse Spider Bite Revisited

BIG Revisited 1 Year Later

Big (See original testimonial with photos under System Saver Paste) is my mare who was bitten by a brown recluse spider. I just wanted to give you an update.  The episode has calmed down, and I attribute that to the daily dosage of SS.  She looks so good, all round and shiny, and that to me is THE tell in how she is feeling and doing internally. Of course, eating is another tell for sure!  Unlike last summer when she had her big crash and then began SS, these past few episodes have quickly calmed and have caused NO loss of appetite. This means to me that her immune system is strong and she is reaping all the geriatric support benefits from SS. Please know that you are in my thoughts everyday as I am reminded of how much you do for us and what great things SS has afforded my animals here.

Thanks, love and many hugs!



Arthritic Golden Retriever Revisited

teddy_revisitedTEDDY Revisited 3 Years Later!

This is a 3-year follow-up on Teddy, our Golden Retriever.  (See original testimonial under "Just Say No to Rimadyl.")

Teddy was diagnosed with inoperable arthritis in his elbow at about 8 months of age.  He would limp following even moderate exercise and at two years had a bout of arthritis that left him unable to even walk a block.  His vet recommended that he be placed on Rimadyl daily with increased dosages as needed when he limped.  This necessitated regular blood tests to monitor the health of his liver.

Three years ago, we were given a free sample of System Saver by Dr. Schwabe with additional recommendation for adding fish oil to his diet and continuing the use of glucosamine/chondroitin. We are happy to report that since beginning this regimen we have not needed to use Rimidyl, we have cut his glucosamine/chondroitin dosage in half, we continue with 2 capsules of system saver daily and his fish oil and Teddy has not limped for those three years.  He hikes on trails 4 - 5 miles daily, he swims up to 3 1/2 miles in a day in the summer and is as playful and full of energy at five years of age as he was as a puppy.  We are no longer having to test for his liver function and are delighted by the results we have seen.  It is safe to say, that without the System Saver, Teddy's outcome would not have been as good and should the arthritis affect him in later years, our options would have been really limited because he would have already have been on the optimum prescription medication currently available for arthritic dogs.  With System Saver, Teddy has been given the chance to have a healthy, active, fun-loving life.

Thanks so much!!!!!!!

~ Dick and Jinny Fox