25-Year-Old Arabian maintaining health

xan-grabs-at-gryphon-who-re xan_waves_lips_small XAN
My horse, Xan, born in 1984, gets System Saver.  He has remained sound and active.  In combination with a good diet, turn out, and free longeing, and a little light play pokies online australia riding, Xan has kept his range of motion.  Often he wants to do a racing lap around the pasture when first turned out.  A typical Arab, he does it with his tail up, looking as if he has all his flags flying.  People are surprised to hear he is now twenty five.  He also likes to play with his pasture pals, most of whom are larger and younger.  I am very grateful that System Saver exists to help maintain Xan’s health and mobility into old age.

25-year-old Xan (white) playing with his younger buddy, Gryphon

~ Pat, Wolf Park.org