Other Animals
Nike, a 12 year old Cat with an Ear Tumor



About a year ago, our 12 year old tortoise shell house cat, Nike, was diagnosed by his vet with benign ear tumors. Nike had also developed some wart-like growths under his chin. He was constantly scratching his head and ears, and black secretions filled his ear cavity from overproduction of ear wax caused by the tumors. Not an uncommon condition in cats. He was rather listless, and not nearly as playful as he had always been. We thought it to be the results of advancing age.

Our vet recommended that we apply a petroleum salve to his ears twice a month and clean the ear canal every week. Nike detested these sessions. After several months of this treatment, there was some improvement, however it was very slight. I decided to try a small dosage of System Saver in place of the salve and ear cleaning.

Thank you, Marlayna



Feline with Asthma

Gina, our 8 year old cat, was diagnosed with feline asthma. She would cough on a daily basis. We were at a point that our vet was considering an inhaler or steroids. We started Gina on system saver and she stopped coughing and her condition improved dramatically. We are very grateful to have found system saver.

I found out about System Saver on Suzanne Clothier's website.

~ Elizabeth Rush


Kiri at Wolf Park

kiri_small kiri-and-pups-small kiri-wotan_small

Kiri                                       Kiri and Pups                                          Kiri and Wotan

KIRI 16-year-old Wolf

Kiri was born in 1993 at Wolf Park.  He was inky black when he was young, but black wolves silver out and may even become almost white.  At sixteen and a half, Kiri is a very pale silver.

Several years ago I noticed that he tended to stagger with his hind legs, particularly when he tried to do fast turns.  Along with staggering, he started doing involuntary sits.  A friend of Wolf Park, Suzanne Clothier, told me about the changes for the better she’d seen in her dogs when she put them on System Saver.  She introduced me, via e-mail, to Judy and Judy graciously donated some System Saver for Kiri.  Kiri was already getting treatment for arthritis, glucosamine, chondroitin, meds for pain management.  We added System Saver and I noticed that though he does not have four year old legs, his sixteen year old legs are more stable and strong than they were at thirteen.

Sometimes he wavers or staggers a bit, but he lopes.  He trots.  I haven’t seen an involuntary sit in ages, except when he tried to charge up on top of his concrete cylinder shelter.  He got up on top of it on another try.  Kiri still delights in being impish and trying to locate and steal various human belongings. Just today Monty and I were in with him so Monty could get some photos of him.  At one point, when Monty was kneeling down, Kiri took his camera strap and pulled on it.  “Brat” said Monty affectionately, detaching Kiri from the strap.  It’s great to have a sixteen year old Brat. I am convinced that Kiri’s active, impish old age, has been made possible by System Saver.

~  Pat www.WolfPark.org



Cat with skin condition


My cat had been on steroids since early spring for a very bad skin condition. He chewed his belly until it was raw. It had spread all over his belly and under his armpit area. I took him off the steroids and put him on System Saver. For the first time in a few months his fur is starting to grow back! The area is no longer wet and full of puss. Thanks for this product!


5-year-old Gloucestershire Old Spots cross pig

"Spot" had been limping a bit as he is aging, and having had to put his sire to sleep in Dec '06, we were worried about any signs that Spot was having trouble getting around.  It's very hard to help a 650 lb. pig who can't get on his own feet.  So we added SS to Spot's daily meals, and he's comfortable, moving easily, and taking his usual daily strolls out in the pastures with his cattle friends.

~ Suzanne Clother, dog trainer and author Bones Would Rain From the Sky