Sophie, my 4-year-old Golden, has had a ‘rash’ of sorts on her muzzle for 6 months that went undiagnosed and treated in terms of management for close to 4 months. The area was always ‘wet’ and raw looking, and she was always rubbing her muzzle into the ground or rug. She licked at the area very often and often ended up with open lesions. I started her on System Saver, and within 10 days, the area of her muzzle that has looked yucky for so long is clear and normal. Seriously… I don’t remember the last time her face looked this good. She is no longer rubbing her muzzle into the ground or licking at the area. I am so relieved that this mysterious ‘rash’ as disappeared! Even the vet was surprised and asked for the website of the company!

~ Lora D, NJ