My large mixed breed dog Tyler is now 13 but has suffered from a serious hip injury and general arthritis for years. About three years ago, his veterinarian suggested the pharmaceutical Rimadyl. Having lost a dog to acute kidney failure secondary to this drug years ago, I could not follow through on this recommendation. Tyler’s quality of life was on the line, but a drug that could kill him did not seem to be a good solution to his problems.

Fortunately, I heard through the grapevine of a natural product called ‘Canine System Saver’ that was improving the quality of life for arthritic dogs. Owners reported significant improvements in their dogs’ ability to get up and down, to take flights of stairs, and to enjoy reasonably long walks. At age 10, Tyler was struggling to get to his feet, hesitating to take a first step forward, needing help to negotiate stairs, and limping soon after starting on a walk necessitating a quick return home.

Thanks to System Saver, Tyler at age 13 is much more comfortable and much more active than he was at age 10. While still a little stiff from the arthritis, he can get up and down quite well most days, jumps excitedly for his food, goes on fairly long walks even in the cold temperatures of Alaska, and can negotiate the 12 step flight of stairs leading to our apartment without assistance.

I gradually increased the dosage to 2 capsules of Canine System Saver in the morning, and 2 in the evening. It is this 2 capsule dosage, given roughly every 12 hours, that has made the difference for Tyler. It took three months of trial and error to arrive at this optimal dosing. My word of caution to other dog owners is to give this natural product time to work and to increase the dosage within the recommended guidelines until the best possible results are achieved. I owe my quality time with Tyler over the past three years to Canine System Saver and I am grateful beyond words to those who developed this extraordinary product.

I should add that a side benefit of the Canine System Saver seems to be much better control of Tyler’s GERD. He rarely shows signs of having reflux at this point. Prior to starting him on Canine System Saver, he required morning doses of Pepcid.

With gratitude,

Charlene M.